What's included?

Primal Class Pass
Team Building
Inspire Bonding Through Mutual Effort
Workout with Friends, Family or Colleagues
Effective Workout Sessions for Custom Team Goals
Virtual Option via Zoom

$450 per month


Join our functional fitness classes today. We offer a variety of ways to get your strength, mobility, and plyometrics training done. Primal Academy caters to all fitness levels. No excuses, just adjustments 
What you can expect : 

  • Live Instruction
  • Virtual or In-Person Classes 
  • Private Classes 
  • Supportive Environment 
  • Functional Training 
  • Fitness Games 
  • Good Times 

Who’s it for:

  • All Fitness Levels 
  • People looking for new challenges 
  • Groups of Friends 
  • Traveling Professionals
  • Corporate Functions