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- Backed with the most up to date science in health & fitness.

- Mental aptitude training for peak physical performance.

- Bespoke training that grows and adapts with you.

- Connects you to a like-minded community.

- Track fitness and measure progress.

- Daily check-ins. 

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Everything I know about the body and (the psychology behind) healthy choices - is in this app.

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Turning Walls Into Speed Bumps

I have a history of extreme dieting and running and just trying to be very skinny! Very extreme in everything I did, I worked with Justin to help reframe my mindset and how I view exercise/rest/recovery. My goals were long term - to run a 100 miler - with Justin’s expertise, I trained long term without injury - that was a first for me.

I am very selective with who I work with. Justin has the education, the degree, and a ton of experience. He stays abreast with new information and recent studies in science and exercise. This is another reason I love working with him. I don't have to do the research myself because I know that Justin has the knowledge for me to stay on top of my health goals. - Kera

When you sign up for the app you get so much more than a coach

You Get Instant Access To:

- Daily accountability diary with DM check-ins and app alerts.

- Track progress and earn achievement badges.

- Customized workouts fitted to your goals.

- 1:1 real-time training session(s) per month.

- Choose between 3 types of training.

- Sync with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

- Community support Inside the App.

- Trainerize App for Android iOS.

- Weekly training schedule.

- Weekly check-in calls.

- Video demonstrations.


Bonus Extras:

- Automatic access to the private Facebook group.

- Flexible commitment (4, 6 or 12 months).

- Special pop up virtual ‘live’ classes.

You don't need motivation when you have good habits