1:1 Personal Training

Your fitness journey will be one of the most rewarding and challenging events in life’s obstacles. Proper direction and strong guidance make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Let Primal Coach be your guide, with goal-specific training plans designed to help you function better. Your journey is unique, and your training program will be too.

Primal Online coaching

Are you consistently not achieving your goals? Do you routinely need to be held accountable? Would you love a strong support group to support you through your journey? Do you struggle with motivation, decision making, low confidence or just haven’t felt like yourself in a while? Let Coach Primal Online Coaching Program be your guide to the person you are fighting to become.

Primal Group Academy Training

The Primal Academy is a fantastic way to train with like-minded individuals. The support and comrade from group training can continue to inspire and motivate you. Stream one of our Live Private Classes or book in-person fun. Time to get Primal Tough! 

The Primal Coaching App

Your Sidekick For Tackling Unhealthy Habits nd building systems that promise consistency & confidence

Meet Your Trainer Justin Penny (aka: Coach Primal)

Hey ya’ll. Coach Primal here…

For 20 years I was a fitness director in the corporate world. A mentor and coach for my fellow co-workers, I helped them to create mental space, take back control, workout, and release stress.

Helping my clients tap into the power of consistency, reach new heights of accountability, re-frame mindset, and reverse damaging habits,- has always been the most rewarding aspect of my job.

When the pandemic hit, all of this came crashing down. My clients, naturally, still wanted to stay strong. Still wanted motivation and accountability. 

So, I continued training. Virtually.

From here, I launched the Primal Coaching App. 

A platform custom-fit to my clients personal goals.  A place where I create a plan for both on screen & in person fitness.

My mission with the App has always been about empowerment, positive reinforcement, and offering different styles of training to put my clients in the driver's seat. 

This is why I offer a free call before we exchange a single penny. It’s important to me that we get to know each other, that way we both feel good, and I get to know the best way I can help you.

Remember, health is wealth.

- Justin.